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The peace you seek is in Crocus. A unique holiday plan that will connect you and your loved ones, see the admirable views with the relaxing waves of the sea from the same window. The miraculous effect of nature will activate all your senses and refresh you.


Home to an excellent organization to please you, Crocus offers many possibilities to fulfill your pleasure. You decide what will happen in the kitchen and you will create wonders for you from our famous chef, World Cuisine. If you wish, you can take a walk in a cool wind after the meal or take a ride by using the electronic tools provided by Crocus.


Crocus is endowed with technological fun. You can shoot with the air drone and the water drone that can record under the sea, so you can record your memories while having fun. Choose the movie you want from the movie archive and enjoy the cinema in front of the TV and again, experience your favorite song from the music archive with the wonderful sound system or engage your entertainment by karaoke. Apple TV, chargers and various electronic devices will provide you with the convenience you are looking for.


Wide coverage to for sports on this holiday! Crocus has a lot of fun sports activities for you to freshen up, relax and health. Many opportunities such as diving, canoe, jet ski, seabob water scooter, sea banana, fishing gear, water ski will bring you closer to your loved ones.


One of the most important features of Crocus is “Freedom”. The bays, marinas and islands recommended by the expert staff allow you to discover new places and have an unforgettable isolated holiday with your loved ones.


Know Well


Renovated in ultra-lux status in 2019 by taking inspiration from the palaces, the 40-meter Crocus welcomes you with a capacity of 12 guests. 8 personnel serve you in Crocus, which is ultra-equipped with striking features. The yacht, which combines modern and magnificence, has 1 Master, 1 VIP, 2 Double and 2 Twin rooms with separate bathrooms. Now let’s get to know Crocus better …


Here is the most magnificent secret of Crocus! In the rooms that are a masterpiece from start to finish, your comfort was first considered. A royal room full of design wonder lights, large cabinets, smart TVs, oil paintings with gold leaf from the hands of a special artist, processed mirrors on the bed, floor, automatic blinds curtains, decorations, treats and more royal rooms with more…


You will love the refreshing Pleasure Area with a large jacuzzi, comfortable sun loungers, cushions, large sitting group and various coffee and tea machines.


You can switch to tween decks and turn on your computer whenever you want, or you can make short turns to your business or take small breaks to your vacation. You can host all your guests in this section with a table for 8 and a sitting group for 5.


A special viewing area for sunbathing or watching the night sky in the most beautiful place where the sea and the sky meet. As you sip your drink and enjoy the wonder of nature, you will witness the dolphins that will accompany you.


A useful kitchen that can respond to the wishes of you and your guests, where everything is considered. Crocus, which contains more than a kitchen such as refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, large oven, microwave oven, water dispenser, coffee and tea machines, and small kitchen appliances, offers you the best tastes from the world cuisine.


It is time to rest in the hall where the magnificence meets the eye-catching classical design understanding … In general, furniture with soft transition oval lines, special tables, automatic blinds, giant screen smart television, air conditioner, smart air cleaner, dining area separate from the living room and lighted mirrors on the ceiling that make the environment look wider make it a very special area.


Especially the wide corridors and stairs allow your freedom of movement on the yacht. Opened in doors, special lights and non-slip mat floor are designed with your safety in mind.


8 personnel who are trained and expert in their fields, who will serve you, are present in their rooms or in the sections allocated to them when necessary, when they complete the tasks such as maintenance, cleaning, food, activity during the tour.


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